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Cheap Affordable 2 Storey In Swanbourne

Cheap Affordable 2 Storey In Swanbourne

There are a lot of ways to design a 2 storey home. The primary goal of the designer should always be to please the customer. However, in doing so it is important to remember that not only the home design itself has to be pleasing, but it’s critical that the building budget is also met.

Creating Cheap 2 storey designs is a skill that requires a lot of design and building experience. One doesn’t succeed well without the other. You can get a great design that is too expensive and you can get a horrible design that is cheap.

This is where we excel. We create fantastic home designs that look great but are also cheap to build. Why? Because we understand both elements that need to be addressed to design a cheap 2 storey home.

Take a look at this example;

This design evolved from a two storey design with a flat roof and a number of significant architectural features which lifted the price significantly higher than the expected budget. This first design was delivering the home layout and style that the clients originally requested. Through taking numerous steps we were able to economise the design, in consultation with the owners to ensure the most important design factors in this 2 storey remained.

Modern 2 Storey with Flat Roof

Having a flat roof meant there was a lot of high brickwork around the perimetre of the 2 storey house and a significant amount of box gutters – all very costly. Even though the home design minimised the expense by having one side as a standard fascia and gutter line, it’s still expensive. Not to mention a nightmare to install ducted air conditioning.

Modern House With Skillion Roof - rear view

Optimising several components leads to a much cheaper 2 storey build. Putting a pitched roof instead of a flat skillion roof saved approximately $6,000. This design still isn’t as economical as we’d like though. This was just 1 of the many steps our 2 storey designs goes through from the initial design through to the proposed 2 storey design that will be constructed.

Pitched Roof with Parapet Walls

Removing some of the high brickwork was an important step in creating a cheaper, more affordable home. But still these chunky brick piers and walls are a lot of money. There is an overhanging balcony which requires far more steel and the front parapet wall is striking, however costly. Other internal elements at this point were also modified to reduce the engineering costs with the suspended slab.

Pitched with Parapets & Wide Brick Piers

Going from the above to this version saved over $15,000 – how? By removing a lot of brickwork, the cantilevered balcony, reducing significant amounts of boxed gutters. Spans are an important consideration when designing 2 storey homes. If the cheaper option doesn’t compromise on quality or lifestyle, why not use it?

Modern 2 Storey House Design with Pitched Roof

When it comes to designing fantastic homes and achieving an affordable price for 2 storey homes, no one compares to our skill and ability in both areas. While this isn’t a concise summary of the steps involved in taking an expensive home design to an affordable cheap two storey, it shows how much time we spend getting the elements right on every front. We work with our clients to provide options both internally and externally to achieve the best possible result. And lets face it, if you lived in this stylish two storey home in Swanbourne I’m sure you’re not going to care that you didn’t get your flat roof design right? Especially when you’ve just saved over $35,000 on the home overall through minor tweaks and changes.

Final Modern 2 Storey House Design

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